Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sneak Peak

Some new fall/dia de los muertos/harvest/halloween designs...
did you see that harvest moon??! sooooo cool

Will be in my shop soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Apples from our tree that i want to dehydrate into apple rings.

A vignette of an abundance of pears and sunflower heads.

After thinking we had no peaches (again) this year, I spied these FOUR beauties! I tell you what, they were even tastier thanks to their novelty.

Making pear sauce for Edythe from our pears. (So delish even without sugar!)

I made three pies yesterday (combined peach,apple,rhubarb) the above one for my dad. His bday is today, Happy Birthday Gramps!! We love you!

Kind of a blurry picture, but I love the stance! (from his bday in 2008)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Enjoyment, Appreciation and Privilege

As summer ebbs and autumn is on its way these are words that keep coming up for me.
Enjoyment: Having a baby leads us to hopefully fully engage and enjoy the snatches of moments we get to ourselves; morning coffee, a bath, reading.
I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert's recent book "Committed" which I read in a week and laughed out loud quite a few times. One of my favorite parts is her describing her partner Felipe's habit of never getting right American celebrities names such as "George Pitt" and "Brad Cruise"!!
(seriously, i thought this was the funniest thing ever)

Appreciation: Even when we know we can surely count our blessings, how often to we truly take a moment and recognize our lovely,full, bountiful lives?
If you haven't lately, I invite you to do so.

Privilege: This has been coming up for me in terms of my daughter and what a privilege it is to see someone's first anything, (let alone everything) and to see recognition, cognition and kindness develop in such a gorgeously sweet package.

All of these words are a positive way to view our crazy world, look for the silver lining so they say. Because, really, what is our other option? As my father says " I choose hope".