Monday, June 29, 2009

Altered Book Exchange

I wanted to share with you an Altered Book Exchange project I am involved with at the moment.
This is the first time I've done Altered Books with a group. It's super fun and exciting!

In our project my friend Jen Casados got a group of 10 folks together to do the exchange.
To begin you send out a list of all participants addresses. Everyone picks out their own book and then sends it to the person below them on the list.
Next you have a month to do whatever you want to your book before sending it to the person after your name on the list.
The only rule set was to alter at least 4 pages in the book.

I am showing you some of the altered pages in the second book I have received.

It's really exciting to see what other people think of to do in their alteration of the book.

And let's not forget- it's nice to get mail!!!
Especially fancy altered mail like this!

Jen got all kinds of people involved, artists and others and I think everyone's really going to town with it. We might have another group going soon.
I would recommend anyone starting an Altered Book Exchange! Get some creativity flowing and have some fun! Thanks to Jen for getting ours off and running!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jazz, Rain and....

Am I really going to yoga class? Or am I content to stay home. Billie Holiday, some jewelry making? Sounds pretty good. Dang, it's only Tuesday, that's pretty early in the week to be skipping class.

So, as I contemplated what to blog about today, I wondered what have I been doing?

Lots of jewelry and work on the shop , lots of outside work, and???? Shouldn't there be an And, I mean the days sure are flying by like the hours are occupied! So, I went out in the rain and took some pretty pictures to show you a little something of what I've been up to.

I cleaned the upstairs screened-in porch (which we never use) and have set up a little painting area alfresco. I got the glass for my palette and everything, so I should be busting out some paints by the end of the week.
I tell you, I love this weather, but my chiles and tomatoes? Not so much. They're wondering why I planted them in the fall!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some new Jewels

Check out some new pieces!

Why yes, that is a sterling silver Pegasus!!

Ocean Jasper, ya'll!

Can you say Magikal Fairy Princess Crystal Necklace??

Check out these and more over at my Etsy shop!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Artists have the Best Art

One fantastic thing about being an artsy fartsy sorta gal is TRADES! Most artists you know probably have the best collection of art, we can't buy it, but dang it we can trade! I just made an incredible trade with my fellow coop member Ellen J.D. Roberts.
Check it out:

Also, check out my end of the trade:

In these trying times we should always be on the lookout for barter opportunities. It's a win win!!