Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Wow, I just finished reading Maurice by E.M. Forster in two days..what a feversih love story!!
I have seen the movie of course and am a big Forster fan, but must never had read this one.  I came upon a nice copy with thick watercolor-esque paper that felt lovely to hold. 
The main thing I did not know and maybe you don't know either, is that Maurice was published posthumously....sixty years after he wrote it!!  Can you imagine?  One piece I read quoted him saying that it was the happy ending that proved illegal..if these young men would've hung themselves, the world could've read Maurice 60 years earlier...
Of course as I was reading I was remembering Hugh Grant who looks amazing, but Rupert Graves..le sigh!!  Must see more of him, even if it has been twenty years. He is kindof giving me a Keifer Sutherland vibe.   Anyone have any suggestions?