Friday, January 30, 2009

less Job, more Work

This is my new mantra! I know I have to have my coffee shop job, but I am pledging to myself that I have to focus on the real Work that I want to do. Art, reflection, gardening, amazing cooking, walks, commitment tp living the Good Life in my opinion.

With that I am starting next week with a "Goal of the Week" for the blog. Wish me luck.
I will leave you with a Daily Drawing and some new jewelry from the shop.

Also a birthday shout out to Miss Donna Ray! The sweetest angel ever!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just a quote for today....

"Very deep is the well of the past. Shall we not call it- bottomless?

What is our history but a vivid and continuous dream?"

Edward Abbey from the book I'm reading, "Fool's Progress".

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road Trip!!

Just returned from a superquick roadtrip from Jerome, thru Sedona and up Oak Creek Canyon into Flagstaff. It was brief, but I had such a great time on my own looking at awesome clouds and gorgeous red rocks. I hadn't been through Oak Creek in a long time!! What I had been missing. The water was flowing, the canyon was foggy and all around awesome. I felt like I was in Oregon.

I went to Flagstaff to visit my friend Chelsea and my cousin Andrea came up from Scottsdale. We stayed in the Bon Jovi room!! Heck yeah. We ate Thai food and had an awesome night catching up. In the morning we went to the Coconino Center For The Arts to see a show called "Otro Voz" which had two Tucson artists I had heard of and wanted to see more of. The two Tucson artists, Alfred Quiroz and Daniel Martin Diaz were my favorite!

The last image is a small detail from a huge Quiroz piece. I think having the New Blog made me make it a priority to attend this show and share some Artists ya'll might not know about!! Go Blog! I have also listed more pieces in the shop and have to go get busy making some more Valentines Day jewelry to bring in to the Ian Russell Gallery tomorrow. Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to Life- Back to reality

Well, I suppose the Holidaze are officially over because I am back to school at the print lab, ready to begin a productive and enriching semester! I am surrounded by amazing artists there and am very thankful the community college is here in town.

I am off to Jerome in the morning for my shift at the gallery and then I am headed to Flagstaff to hang out with some amazing ladies, some drinks, some good food and hopefully some new art.

This is my first print- hot off the press today! I believe it bodes well for creative productivity ahead!! Yeah!

Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue Skies and Good Intentions

It has been beautiful as of late and it seems alot going on this week- and it's only Tuesday! I do have a new drawing to share and a new listing from my shop. I have been thinking about the blog and to what purposes I want it to focus on. I think by next week I will have more of a format to run with. Have a good time until I talk with you next!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


The new year is always an apropos time for getting to tasks that have lingered in the shadows, waiting for you to use up your gorgeous Saturday afternoon on them instead of lounging in the sun drinking beer. Linen closet? Check!

Also posted to my etsy shop
and wanted to show you a birthday necklace I made for my friend Larry and wish him another happy birthday!

I also wanted to leave you with a quote for the day from an Edward Abbey book I'm reading right now (my 1st Edward Abbey in fact) "The Fool's Progress" :

"Henry reflected. A fork in his road of life had most suddenly appeared dead ahead. To the right, the right way, a broad and shining highway led upward beyond the master of arts toward the Ph.D- the tenured leisurely life of overpaid underworked professorhood. A respectable life. Anyone who is paid much for doing little is regarded with obligatory admiration. To the left a dingy path littered with beer cans and used toilet paper led downward in darkness to a life of shame, of part-time and seasonal work and unemployment compensation, of domestic strife, jug wine, uncertainty, shady deals, naive realism, stud poker, furtive philanderings, skeptical nominalism, pickup trucks, a gross and unalembicated nineteenth-century eight ball materialism. He called his shot. I will not tell a lie. Looking at his three Inquisitors looking at him, he answered them collectively:
Not really, he said."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday is the New Friday!!!!

After a long hard four days of the aforementioned workouts, bedtimes, being good, etc. it is finally Thursday night!! To your left there is a picture of my husband Matthew and I taken on my birthday in November. Just so you know..
Anyway Sadie and I hang out on Thursdays after yoga and tonight I am extending the get together for a few more.

Food is cooking and I am being a good girl and posting this blog (every other day!) before getting ready. I finished "God's Middle Finger" by Richard Grant and would Highly recommend it. My daily drawing for today is a concept I thought of the other day- drawings of tattoos I want but may never get.....trying them on for size?

Also I posted a new piece to my shop. Check it out and have an awesome Thursday!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back on the Horse

The New Year is officially here and I am glad to say I am back in the groove of workouts, bedtimes, cleaning and general upkeep that was thrown to the wind throughout the holidays!

The etsy shop is filling up and I like doing the blog thing every other day.
I have high hopes for the coming year and I hope you all are reflecting on the last year and setting goals for the days and months to come.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jerome, Jewelry and the first Daily Drawing!

Two Fridays a month I go to the magical town of Jerome, Arizona to do my shift at the Coop

It was truly an amazingly beautiful day and I was thrilled to see the new Featured Artist show by Brice Wood called "Wonderments".

Very "L.A" my friend Raina and I thought. Congratulations Brice on an awesome show!

Raina is a member of the Jerome gallery as well as others as you can see on her website Amazing work!!!!

I will leave you with a new pair of earrings offered in my shop and my first daily drawing! Inspired by the new year and the new blog I am planning on doing either a jewelry item or a drawing every time I blog to keep me on my toes and ideally the creativity flowing!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So I started a blog?

I skipped yesterday, but here I am. I will be including images of goodies on my etsy site ( I want to combine the blogging and etsying in an attempt to really get my etsy shop going. I want to to do a daily jewelry/drawing to kick this new year off to a good start!
I am going to Jerome, Az. tomorrow to do my shift at the cooperative gallery, please check out the website:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The First Ever

Hello! So...... I am a (struggling) artist and keep hearing this advice over and over "get a blog"!!!
So, friends, it's time. Here are my ideas:
a discussion arena filled with ideas, inspirations, quotes from what i'm reading, a sharing of goals in an attempt to feel a greater responsibility to reach tho
se goals....well, let's just start with that and see what happens.

some photos of the day to get acquainted.

I lived in Tucson for quite a while and still miss it very much. I will be making my yearly trip to the gem show next month and one way i am gearing up and getting excited is by reading a fabulous Tucson writer's new b
ook " God's Middle Finger" by Richard Grant. I just started reading last night and had to make myself put it down. Here is a quote:

" It's become the kind of anarchy that gives anarchy a bad name."