Monday, October 5, 2009

Some Beginning Preparations

I know we all love this time of year!
I am excited to be on the ball enough this time around to be working on some Day of the Dead jewelry and artwork.

Halloween and Day of the Dead jewelry with skulls, reds and lots of wood and bone.

I am hoping to participate in a Day of the Dead Celebration at Sharlot Hall and these pieces are being made for that event taking place November the 1st.

Also made these postcards that were quick and fun!

Looking forward to cleaning and re-doing my alter and will be sure to share pictures of that with you!


  1. Megan! I am LOVING the art you've made for the Day of the Dead's just wonderful. AND...who are those delectable beauties in your header?!?!

  2. it feels like you're kicking around the old pueblo! beautful work frida chica! the season is upon us, let it in.......... xoxoxo

  3. I am always kickin around the old pueblo in my heart! thanks for the comments jaime and sadira