Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bisbee Butter

Bisbee is known for its Bisbee Blue turquoise, and now it might be known for another alliterative title- "Bisbee Butter".

Apple Butter that is! The great place we stayed at had some amazing apple trees that we were told we could help ourselves to. Well you don't have to tell me twice!!

I am a big fan of free fruit, urban harvesting , etc.. AND these apples were deliciously tart and gorgeous as well. Hardly a worm was found!

All I've been doing for apple butter is cutting up the apples, (peels on) and putting them in the slow cooker with nutmeg and cinnamon- not even any sugar!
This batch turned out delicious and a very charming shade of burgundy.
I cooked the apples on low for about 7-10 hours.
And walla! Awesome Bisbee Butter!

......Bonus round... the first person to comment on this post receives a jar of the aforementioned butter...send me your address.....! fun!


  1. now that is what apples should look like! wonderful images. yay for urban harvesting! the world needs a whole lot more of that kind of thing!

    we put up close to 200 pounds of apples this year, from our tree and overflow from a friend's small orchard, in five or six epic canning sessions. some are canned apples (peeled & sliced & canned in hot water bath), some are applesauce, and some are apple butter.

  2. Are these the same apples that you dried? Cause they are like butter too!! I am LOVING them so very much...