Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Daily Drawing

I am starting a new art/yoga book called The Painting Path and the first "assignment" was to use oil pastels and just have fun with the medium. This is the result.
Here is what i thought of some of it: It seems the large arm is a "strong-arm" metaphor , perhaps me trying to control my uncontrollable life with my new baby.
The glowing golden figure is my beautiful daughter. I notice the stripes on my shirt remind me of a referree outfit.

Hmmm.... well, it was fun and finished in the ten minutes she gave me between wanting to eat!
After crying at the drop of a hat today, I realize how tired I am and how I can't control this process, her process of growing and needing me in order to do that.
How do I move from a referee to a facilitator?

Let it go..................


  1. Very interesting symbolism in this one...

  2. i love oil pastels. they're so smudgy. and i'm such a clean control freak - it makes me a little whiggy to use them - but therein lies the liberation. i can sorta ... let go with that medium.

    love from down here.