Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Visit to the Heard Museum

Wow, if you have never made it to the Heard Museum in Downtown Phoenix, I would absolutely urge you to go! We were there on a rainy afternoon recently and of course didn't have enough time to spend, but here are some favorites:

I was really affected by the amazing cradle boards that all different tribes made for their babies. So many hours of work went into each piece, you can imagine the maker thinking of the baby throughout the process and the intention that comes with that.

Of course all the jewelry was out of control amazing blow your mind! One thing I noticed that was of interest is that many times you cannot tell by looking if a piece was made in 1910, or 2010. Many of the old pieces are very modern in design and perhaps ahead of their time.

These long earrings from Ecuador made my day! I even took a picture of the description to remember what it said.
The Heard has multiple museums in the valley and I would urge anyone interested to attend. Beautiful building and grounds as well.

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