Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Major Production

Well you know those projects that seem to languish on the list for a looong time?!?! I finally Organized My Records!! I also went through all of them (do I really need 3 Saturday Night Fever's?!) and they are now in lovely alphabetical order.  I took some pics of the process and also some of my fave records and fave record covers!!

Why yes, I do want to look like Rita Coolidge!!

Some favorites

Love this style!!!!!


OMG Dolly!!!!

Waiting on a Friend just may be my favorite Stones song.

Look at that scene!

How cute!

That's Right!

Oh Tom...

Best underrated album?!?!

Yes, I am proud.

Ohhhhhh, Dwiiiiiight!!!


  1. Girl! I LOVE your style! And you do rock that awesome Rita Coolidge fashion!

  2. hi friend, thanks for being my first comment in a million years!!! also, side note, after reading your baseball piece in the noise i was gonna ask you if you've watched Ken Burns "baseball"? it's awesome!!!!