Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where I'm From

So, how was the trip? Well, it is always a mixed bag; depressed areas, old people getting older, Wal-Martization of the ma and pops...(in this case even Bashas is like a mom and pop compared to wal-mart)...

Also, open country, amazing sky, and an abundance of what I started referring to as
" Quality Rust".

We got to see family members on both sides who are making it, suffering, struggling, juggling, retiring, ....hoping, just as we all are everywhere.

We saw old cars everywhere, various piles of piles promising some rarely needed but indispensable tool. Who has saved all this junk? And who will eventually have to deal with it?

And then, after our rounds were made, our commitments satisfactorily taken care of, we saw our other reason for coming; our sense of strife and any sort of worry lifting as we turned the corner, to the "end of the road" and made it , back again, traveling six hours to get here...
to the river.


  1. Just make your way to the water...

  2. There is a certain rust that has a higher quality than others, I've seen it too. :)

    Glad you guys had a good trip with a bit of worry-lifting occurring. Now if only we could stop the wal-martization....