Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Window Display for Jerome

So we have a display window at the gallery in Jerome, and I've never put anything in it because flat prints seemed kind of boring, so I had an idea.

I thought about creating a scene that would showcase relief printing while telling a story. I walked around the goodwill and looked at every item in the context of- "can i print on that?"

My idea is to portray a woman leaving. I have lots of bags and also there will be notes, cards etc.

I am doing the window not this friday but next so I will photograph the scene in its entirety.

I really love the shoes and the phone!!!

This wooden piece is for mail/letters/bills and keys, I would definitely print on another one of these. Here's to expanding our possibilities!


  1. Very cool. I didn't realize (I don't know why) that you could print on such a plethora of material.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished scene. :)

  2. I was just in the same room with the display...and I think it is so powerful! The concept and beauty just blew me away...and I was going to offer that if you want to sell any of the pieces after you get done using them for the display...I happen to know a wonderful resale clothing store owner who would be very excited to have this in her store...that is, if you don't put it on etsy!

  3. I love love love it Megs - what a great idea. I can't wait to see the photos of the display.
    i love the artist in you. xoxo

  4. thanks for the awesome comments!