Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Lord, the WIND

Seriously folks, it's ridiculous. Also ridiculous (but not as bad) is that I haven't blogged since last weekend and here it is this weekend. I've been busy putting lots of gorgeous jewels in the shop.

I finished re-reading American Nomads by Richard Grant and I heartily recommend it! I dog eared about 20 pages if that tells you anything. I am now reading an Ellen Gilchrist book "I Cannot Get You Close Enough" which is very good.

There is new thrift store in town and I rescued these gems:

I have some artistic weekend plans and tonight I will be watching movies and staying out of the wind!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ay, dios mio that wind is crazy!
    A few more months and it will recede, and then the heat will come.

    I can't WAIT for the heat.

  2. The wind? It's why people totally went nuts in places like Montana and whatnot...back in the day of the pioneers!!