Monday, June 29, 2009

Altered Book Exchange

I wanted to share with you an Altered Book Exchange project I am involved with at the moment.
This is the first time I've done Altered Books with a group. It's super fun and exciting!

In our project my friend Jen Casados got a group of 10 folks together to do the exchange.
To begin you send out a list of all participants addresses. Everyone picks out their own book and then sends it to the person below them on the list.
Next you have a month to do whatever you want to your book before sending it to the person after your name on the list.
The only rule set was to alter at least 4 pages in the book.

I am showing you some of the altered pages in the second book I have received.

It's really exciting to see what other people think of to do in their alteration of the book.

And let's not forget- it's nice to get mail!!!
Especially fancy altered mail like this!

Jen got all kinds of people involved, artists and others and I think everyone's really going to town with it. We might have another group going soon.
I would recommend anyone starting an Altered Book Exchange! Get some creativity flowing and have some fun! Thanks to Jen for getting ours off and running!

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  1. Very cool...I've never actually altered a book per se...just many pages from many books...