Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jazz, Rain and....

Am I really going to yoga class? Or am I content to stay home. Billie Holiday, some jewelry making? Sounds pretty good. Dang, it's only Tuesday, that's pretty early in the week to be skipping class.

So, as I contemplated what to blog about today, I wondered what have I been doing?

Lots of jewelry and work on the shop , lots of outside work, and???? Shouldn't there be an And, I mean the days sure are flying by like the hours are occupied! So, I went out in the rain and took some pretty pictures to show you a little something of what I've been up to.

I cleaned the upstairs screened-in porch (which we never use) and have set up a little painting area alfresco. I got the glass for my palette and everything, so I should be busting out some paints by the end of the week.
I tell you, I love this weather, but my chiles and tomatoes? Not so much. They're wondering why I planted them in the fall!!


  1. Dang, look at your super nice vegitation! Homegirl's got the skills. And that painting room looks rockin'! A nice view to paint in front of.

  2. Beautiful flowers, eh? I stepped out of the house yesterday and felt like I was in California and the only thing missing was the ocean...I stepped out of the house this morning on the way to work out and ran back in for something with a hood...isn't it just marvelous?

  3. Your plantings are beautiful and your home looks so inviting. I love Jazz too. I haven't had a chance to cultivate my love for it though. Maybe you can enlighten me?...I do like Billie though.