Monday, January 25, 2010


Two posts ago I was commenting on how you can have it all, it's just really hard work... imagine my surprise when I read last Wednesday's horoscope:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): This would be an excellent time for you to do
a lot less of everything. You're entering a phase when you can actually
help your long-term goals by being less ambitious. The point is not to give
up your drive to succeed, but rather just put it to sleep for a while. Let it
recharge. Allow it to draw energy from the deeper psychic sources that it
tends to get cut off from when it's enmeshed in the frenzy of the daily
rhythm. Do you have the courage to not work so much, not try so hard,
and not push so relentlessly?

Seriously? This is the hardest thing for me to hear. I've had recently the best excuses to slow down, (pregnancy, giving birth, now the baby) and have instead pushed onward, upward..further, next. I realized I didn't take one nap while pregnant.
Nor have I since Edythe's birth..the days are already too short!!
So can I listen to some of this advice?
I'm not sure how to take it or how to apply "less ambition".
I am the sort of person that feels awkward watching a movie and not doing some accompanying task such as making jewelry, making lists, or at least looking at a magazine for ideas for future lists!!
I am a fan of reflection and repose, perhaps I can try to practice more of these concepts.


  1. I always tried to nap while Zora napped - but didn't often succeed as she grew- wanting to get a lot done while she slept. You never wanted to sleep, as a teen and early twenty something. Remember? You didn't want to miss a thing.