Saturday, January 17, 2009


The new year is always an apropos time for getting to tasks that have lingered in the shadows, waiting for you to use up your gorgeous Saturday afternoon on them instead of lounging in the sun drinking beer. Linen closet? Check!

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and wanted to show you a birthday necklace I made for my friend Larry and wish him another happy birthday!

I also wanted to leave you with a quote for the day from an Edward Abbey book I'm reading right now (my 1st Edward Abbey in fact) "The Fool's Progress" :

"Henry reflected. A fork in his road of life had most suddenly appeared dead ahead. To the right, the right way, a broad and shining highway led upward beyond the master of arts toward the Ph.D- the tenured leisurely life of overpaid underworked professorhood. A respectable life. Anyone who is paid much for doing little is regarded with obligatory admiration. To the left a dingy path littered with beer cans and used toilet paper led downward in darkness to a life of shame, of part-time and seasonal work and unemployment compensation, of domestic strife, jug wine, uncertainty, shady deals, naive realism, stud poker, furtive philanderings, skeptical nominalism, pickup trucks, a gross and unalembicated nineteenth-century eight ball materialism. He called his shot. I will not tell a lie. Looking at his three Inquisitors looking at him, he answered them collectively:
Not really, he said."


  1. Not really what? I so want to know what that means. It was a nice thursday night with beautiful pork and knife and fork and giddily wine...I love your daily drawings.

    - a.

  2. he was replying to the question of " Henry- do you really want to be a Professor of Philosophy?" Kinda an important detail huh??!