Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The First Ever

Hello! So...... I am a (struggling) artist and keep hearing this advice over and over "get a blog"!!!
So, friends, it's time. Here are my ideas:
a discussion arena filled with ideas, inspirations, quotes from what i'm reading, a sharing of goals in an attempt to feel a greater responsibility to reach tho
se goals....well, let's just start with that and see what happens.

some photos of the day to get acquainted.

I lived in Tucson for quite a while and still miss it very much. I will be making my yearly trip to the gem show next month and one way i am gearing up and getting excited is by reading a fabulous Tucson writer's new b
ook " God's Middle Finger" by Richard Grant. I just started reading last night and had to make myself put it down. Here is a quote:

" It's become the kind of anarchy that gives anarchy a bad name."


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I am so excited to see what you write, how you are inspired, and I am looking forward to see how much more I will be inspired by you than I already am!

    I'm putting your link up on my blog right now...

  2. Holy smokes. Tommy goes searching the internets for local blogs, and what does he find?

    Only his morning-time coffee cohort!

    Welcome to the bloggery. :)