Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road Trip!!

Just returned from a superquick roadtrip from Jerome, thru Sedona and up Oak Creek Canyon into Flagstaff. It was brief, but I had such a great time on my own looking at awesome clouds and gorgeous red rocks. I hadn't been through Oak Creek in a long time!! What I had been missing. The water was flowing, the canyon was foggy and all around awesome. I felt like I was in Oregon.

I went to Flagstaff to visit my friend Chelsea and my cousin Andrea came up from Scottsdale. We stayed in the Bon Jovi room!! Heck yeah. We ate Thai food and had an awesome night catching up. In the morning we went to the Coconino Center For The Arts to see a show called "Otro Voz" which had two Tucson artists I had heard of and wanted to see more of. The two Tucson artists, Alfred Quiroz and Daniel Martin Diaz were my favorite!

The last image is a small detail from a huge Quiroz piece. I think having the New Blog made me make it a priority to attend this show and share some Artists ya'll might not know about!! Go Blog! I have also listed more pieces in the shop and have to go get busy making some more Valentines Day jewelry to bring in to the Ian Russell Gallery tomorrow. Hope you all had an awesome weekend!!


  1. Gotta love the scenery on that drive! Glad you gals had fun. :)

  2. It was really unbelievable, I want to see how much the cabins by Oak creek cost! What a treat that would be!