Monday, February 2, 2009

Asking for It

What I want, that is. Yesterday was not only the huge Superbowl and Donna Ray's bday but also (according to We'Moon) it was our day to Create Our Intentions for the year. I did this and will continue to ask for what I want. It's good practice, at least it allows you the space to figure out what it IS and not what it ISN'T.

Also, as promised in the last post, I am starting the Goal of the Week...
This week's goal is "To try out my new wood burner and see what that's all about."
Starting small is good!

I finished "The Fool's Progress", so now I'm debating on reading another Edward Abbey book- or going in a new direction.


  1. Cruds. I missed create your intention day?!

  2. have no fear, young Sadira, Every Day is Create Your Intention Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!