Saturday, February 28, 2009

White knuckle Determination

Adios February, Hello March!!!! I don't know about ya'll but I am So ready for March...not so many birthdays (not One, compared to the 14 in February), new beginnings,... green beer!!! My arms are open wide in readiness to start off the month with good intentions. Good work and exciting developments are at hand.

I got my studio cleaned and organized and in the process realized (again) that I have so many amazing projects to get on with! So much good stuff. So that is my plan today and I can show you new work in a day or two.

The White Knuckle Determination refers to this article on etsy in a series about quitting your dayjob. Surly, the artist, talks about her "white knuckled determination" to make her venture happen. And it did. I am borrowing this slogan for now, and practicing it of course.

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  1. Heloooo March! Glad you're here...Something good is in the air for sure. I have cleaned and deep cleaned and begun organizing Foolsewoode...and will be continuing in the studio tomorrow...I can't wait to see what's buried in there. Methinks there could be some good up and coming projects from me soon as well!