Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going Home Coming Home

After living in Tucson for seven years I moved back to Prescott and have been living here for four years. Going to visit Tucson is like going home to a very specific part of myself that perhaps can only exist in Tucson. Another dimension! I got to see lots of friends, cactus, burritos, art, Tecates, aloe,agave and BEADS!! (no pictures of beads yet!)

All of my friends are involved in amazing things, awesome enterprises and new directions. I am very proud of them and miss them in my daily life.

Jen's( my amazing host!) backyard oasis- Go green thumb go!!!

My friend Albert who works at the Eric Firestone Gallery in Downtown Tucson and who is an amazing artist himself.

My friends Zora and Kate!!!

My friends Jay Dawg, Carne Casados and Titus

Happy Birthday Morgan!

So much to say, goals of the week to make, pumping iron to go to, jewelry to make........why do i just want to take a nap?

Matthew, Emma and Miky!

Thanks for everyone to take time to see me and thanks Casados for hosting a party for me, carting me around, and general awesomeness.
I heart Tucson!

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  1. I heart Tucson as well.


    But, I'm also glad you're back to this part of your home as well...I've missed you!