Monday, February 9, 2009


My nephew just finished bootcamp for the Coast Guard and we've all been talking about the change we can already see in his appearance, what we can hear in his voice, a difference in how he carries himself. Confident surely, but it seems something else is at work- Success. Someone that feels the path they are on is in fact the Right Path, not some haphazard trailblazing of earlier ventures. I have felt for many years that I have known what I wanted, what I wanted to be like- sure of what and who I am. But Successful? It is hard to stay strong and look adversity in the face and say, Yes, I am up for the task.

"Well you know Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there, you know it doesn't seem fair that I'm living for something I can't even define....."
Ani DiFranco

Congratulations Eric! We are proud of you and also thank you for reminding us about change and passion.

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